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Primary Election Results for Wayne County

With 10,443 votes cast, here are the primary election results for Wayne County, Indiana.

  • For President on the Republican side of the ballot in the county, Mitt Romney wins with 67.3% of the vote, running against the incumbent Barack Obama
  •  For US Senator, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock beats incumbent Richard Lugar on the GOP side in the county, 60% to…

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Anonymous says sorry to G101.3

Sorry to Rick for interupting a lot of good air time with my nonsense. Sorry to Dave for hating him to which I do not anymore...You might have noticed that I deleted my Hate Dave lists. Sorry to Jessica for not talking in awhile with quips about the day. Sorry G1013 and to the fans if I have in any way made your day worse.

I will not be on again for a long time, so do not look for me. Just leave me a message. I may or may not read it.

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Time For A Tan-ervention

Patricia Krentcil has a serious problem.  I mean...other than looking like she is auditioning for Robert Downey Jr's mom in Tropic Thunder 2.  She has been charged with taking her daughter to the tanning bed with her.  Her daughter is 5!  For more awesome pictures of Leathery McLeather…


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My Blood Type Means What?!

As heard this morning on the G101-3 Morning Show.

Could your blood type have something to do with your disposition and relationships? The personality connection has never been scientifically proven – but some people swear by it. In Japan, it’s common for people to ask each other “What type are you?” If you’re curious, here are…


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Dancing With The Stars...of Wayne County

My friends at Birth To Five are holding a fundraiser and have recruited some area celebrities (and me) to dance.  Before your mind wanders too far...ballroom dance!  In Birth To Five's Dancing With The Stars Of Wayne County you can vote for your favorite couple with a donation.  The couple that raises the most money will walk away with the trophy.  Jump…


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"Wanna go smoke?" "Nah, no thanks."

I can't even tell you how many times those words have been spoken in my life this week.  I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is.  I can tell you though, it's a true story.  I have actually been saying no.  After enrolling and attending the Tobacco Cessation Program through Reid Hospital "Learn to Live Tobacco Free" I was told I needed to make a quit date.  So I did.  That date has come and gone....and I'm happy to report....I stood by it, and quit.  The day before…


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Our built-in human "like" detector...

It turns out we all have a built-in like detector – it’s a yawn. Yawns are contagious and a recent study found that the sooner someone catches your yawn, the more connected they feel to you. If you’d like to test out the theory, here’s how it works. The better you know someone, the sooner they’ll catch your yawn. Family members usually react within a minute. A good…


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The Ultimate Face Slimmer

I know it looks dirty.  It looks like something that you'd buy online from a catalog that you found in a bus station bathroom (c'mon...who hasn't done that?).  But, it's actually the newest thing in weight loss technology from Japan.  It's called the Face Slimmer.  How does it work?  I ran the…


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It has started....

Martin Luther King Jr once said "I have a dream".  Turns out I do too, mine is to be a non-smoker and to drag as many of you along with me as I can. 

The Tobacco Cessation program offered by Reid Hospital started on Monday, "Learn to Live Tobacco Free", I spent that hour meeting and getting to know the facilitator and my fellow smokers.  We talked and shared a little bit about ourselves, and formed a comradery.  We will be the support for one another through this journey of living…


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Soon I'll be able to call myself a quitter....and I'm actually happy about it

So, back in December I heard about a Tobacco Cessation program offered at Reid Hospital.  I've been wanting to quit smoking for a long time, but every time I have tried I have failed.  I want to be healthy, I want to improve my running and skating, and I don't want my kids to watch me smoke and become smokers themselves.  I also hate how I smell when I smoke and have spent so much money on cigarettes over the years it disgusts me.  When I looked into this Tobacco Cessation program I saw that…


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It's hard to be a kid these days...

Wanna know what you get for doing the right thing?  Ya get in trouble, that's what you get.  Well that's if you're a kid in school these days, what with zero tolerance polices on weapons and such...let me very briefly explain that statement. 

I was reading news online, and stumled upon a story at that summarized in two sentences a recent incident at a Georgia school that got me going.

I completely understand the need to discipline children who knowingly bring…


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Richmond makes the Super 46!

In honor of the the Super Bowl (which I'm not sure I can legally say...damn), the Indiana Office of Tourism has assembled the guide of all guides for sandwich lovers.  They call it the Super 46.  It's 46 sandwiches from all over Indiana that are considered the best the state has to offer.  Some will view it as a helpful guide for good eating while others (G101-3's own…


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Hot Hot Cocoa

Have some hot cocoa – some REALLY hot cocoa – as in spicy. Mexican cocoa is a blend of cocoa, cinnamon and chili pepper and has some extra health benefits in there. The pepper compounds in hot-hot cocoa can actually boost endorphins, while the cinnamon improves awareness. Real cocoa boosts mood and gives you a good dose of antioxidants. Rachael Ray’s recipe for…


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There are certain items one should never buy used...because

You just never know what you're going to get...and by "get" I mean "received a contagious something or other".   Just have a look at this, see if you'd like these for yourself.  Make sure you look at the pictures...all of them.  I'm gonna hafta say no thanks. But to each his own.

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Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Anita Harris was drunk.  Not like a little slur-your-words drunk.  I'm talking really drunk.  How drunk, you may ask?  Well...for starters she took off her top and then her bra.  Still not drunk enough for you?  Ok...then she walked through town (topless) and came upon an animal shelter where Terri Daulton was working.  Since topless, angry, drunken women aren't the norm at…


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Got bugs?

This, my friends, is the Giant Weta.  It's indigenous to Richmond and is probably in your backyard right now.  Ok, ok...that's not true, but I'm sure the look on your face was priceless!  These living nightmares are from New Zealand and are actually endangered.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, it is the largest insect in the world.  According to entomologist Mark…


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100 Best Android Apps

If you have an Android device (smart phone, tablet, etc) or you're asking for one for Christmas, here is a list of some of the best apps available.  I've got an Android phone and plan on checking out a bunch of these!  What about you?  What's your favorite Android app?…


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Best product ever??

What if you could finally (and I say finally because I know you've been thinking it for a long time) combine your love of bacon with your love of love?? J&D's Foods is making your dream a reality with BaconLube!  Yes, your dream of bacon flavored personal lubricant has been realized.  Why?  I have no…


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Appetite For Derby Bout to Fight Childhood Cancer

Appetite For Derby

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Trick or Treat Times

Abington, Ind.: 3-5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31

Arcanum, Ohio: 6:30-8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29

Boston, Ind.: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29

Brookville, Ind.: 6-8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31

Cambridge City, Ind.: 6-8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31

Castine, Ohio: 2-3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30



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