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Primary Election Results for Wayne County

With 10,443 votes cast, here are the primary election results for Wayne County, Indiana.

  • For President on the Republican side of the ballot in the county, Mitt Romney wins with 67.3% of the vote, running against the incumbent Barack Obama
  •  For US Senator, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock beats incumbent Richard Lugar on the GOP side in the county, 60% to 39.4%, running against Democrat Joe Donnelly.
  •  For Mike Pence's Congressional seat in District-6, Luke Messner wins the county vote with a vote of 35.1%, and on the Democrat side, Susan Hall Heitzman wins with 36.7% of the vote
  • For Governor, both Republican Mike Pence and Democrat John Gregg ran unopposed in their respective parties.
  • Incumbent Tom Saunders had no opposition on either side of the ballot for District-54 State Representative.
  • In District-56, Republican Dick Hamm won with 51% of the vote and he'll be facing incumbent Democrat Phil Pflum in November.
  • Jo Ann Stewart keeps her job as Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • For County Coroner, Ron Stevens defeated Ned Hines II 61.1% to 38.9% on the GOP side. There was no Democratic candidate.
  • For County Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer Cathy Williams beat Bob Goodwin on the Republican ballot, 62.2% to 37.8%.  There was no Democratic candidate.
  • For County Surveyor, Republican William Brown had no Democratic challenger
  • For County Commissioner in District-2, Republican Mary Anne Butters won with 32.6% of the vote.  And David Brock ran unopposed on the Democratic side.
  • For County Commissioner in District-3, Denny Burns had no Democratic challenger.
  • For County Council at Large, Chris Beeson, Gary Saunders, and Rodger Smith were all nominated, running against Democrat Monica Burns who ran unopposed.
  • For Judge of the Circuit Court, incumbent David Kolger won re-election. 
  • For Superior Court-1 Judge, Charles Todd, Jr. won re-election.
  • For Precinct Committeeman in Jefferson-1, Chris Beeson beat Barry Ritter, 67% to 33%.  No Democratic challenger.
  • For Precinct Committeeman in Wayne-28, Betty Smith beat James Koons, 57%to 42.3%.  No Democratic challenger.
  • For State Convention Delegate in District-6, Both Matt Strittmatter, with 44.5%, and Misty Hollis, with 38.1% were victorious on the GOP side.  There was no Democratic challenger.
  • For State Convention Delegate in District-9, both Linda Paust, with 35.6%, and Stephen Rabe, with 27.6%, won.  There was no Democratic challenger.

This concludes the Primary Election Results for Wayne County, Indiana

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