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#i70summer First up...St. Louis!

It's summer and you're looking for something fun to do with the family that won't break the bank. The answer is just a short drive down I-70. The G 101-3 Morning Show is visiting destinations along I-70 this summer to prove that a money saving trip can be pretty close to home.  Here is the story of Rick Duncan's stop.

A fairly short drive (5 hours with a few bathroom breaks) down I-70 west will not let you take in some beautiful sights along the way, but also get you to the Gateway to the West...St. Louis! My family (Heather, Riley 12, Cole 9) and I made it a 3 day trip and still didn't get to see everything! Here are the places we visited and some of our pictures.

I don't know what City Museum is, but I love it!

How do I begin to describe City Museum? Imagine you had 30 different architects create plans for sculptures, pathways and tunnels that you could climb in, on and through. And then you took those plans and used them ALL in one gigantic labyrinth that is as much all-age playground as it is art exhibit. The kids are still talking about it and we promised a return visit because we didn't stay long enough to see it all before they closed (we were there for 3 hours!).

Always a great view from the top of The Gateway Arch!

 Even on a cloudy, slightly rainy day the view from The Gateway Arch is amazing! Plus you can't make a trip to St. Louis and not go to the Arch. I mean...who does that?? I think the kids liked the tram ride to the top almost as much as being up there.

The St. Louis Zoo is free?!

Yep! I couldn't believe it either. Since I have kids I've been to LOTS of zoos and the St. Louis Zoo is of the best. So on top of it being free it's also worth the visit. Plus make sure you see the new Polar Bear Point with their new 2 year polar bear Kali. It was a must see for us because my wife loves polar bears and it didn't disappoint. 

Six Flags St. Louis anyone?

As is obvious in the picture, we love comic books and superheroes...and roller coasters. In honor of Six Flags St Louis' newest attraction Justice League:  Battle For Metropolis the boys insisted we wear shirts from the Justice League (I was Superman btw). So we flew our geek flag high that day and had an absolute blast! Not only did we do that ride (twice), but also rode all seven coasters. And with their water park Hurricane! With rides and shows for everyone (including thrill seekers like us) you need to make this a stop on your next trip to St. Louis.

If you're going to stay, make it at someplace you'll remember like the St. Louis Union Station Hotel.

St. Louis Union Station was built in 1894 and is quite literally breathtaking. When we walked in the kids just stood and stared. You would've thought we were staying at Hogwarts. The St. Louis Union Station Hotel is not only beautiful with all of it's stained glass and romanesque  architecture, but it's not going to break your budget either. Add in the fact that you're close to the Gateway Arch, Scotttrade Center, Hard Rock Cafe, City Museum and lots of other entertainment and it's a no-brainer.

Once you add the Missouri Botanical Gardens, The Magic House and a ton more, it's well worth the trip! Although vacations with sandy beaches are nice, they're not always affordable. We had an amazing time in St. Louis and will definitely make it a frequent getaway destination. You should too as a part of your I-70 Summer!

(Special thanks to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commision for all of their help with trip planning and lodging.)  

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