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Turning Angel wings to dust. So does the great Ark Angel Lucifer that rules Hell will again come forth to rule earth. This was told to me in a vision and I am here for the reason of telling you what will happen in the short time that we have left. The great beast will call all the other fallen Angels to battle what is left of the Angels of light as it has been written and so will it be done. The spirit and soul will weep for we are coming to the end of time. you will have to choose For the… Continue

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Gothic Love.

There is a legend of a great prince of pure evil. Khadaji is his name and he loved blood and death. He is the ultimate unknown and he would destroy all that was good in his world. the time has come for him to arise again. Just to speak his name is to call his spirit forth. Again he will rule and his rain of terror will start. Look for him as the beast and most will call him master. He will deceive many and destroy the rest.

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Can't we all just get along?!

This is so damn cute you'll think it's a freakin' Disney… Continue

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Flesh and blood.

It is time to leave the path and look for what you seek. You are looking for that someone that will give life meaning and fulfill your destine. Your soul mate is there waiting for you to call out their name and bring your soul out of darkness. Be aware for if you stay off of the path to long it will be harder to find your way back. The path is the way home and you have to make your self stronger to make it to your destine. I can feel your spirit and I know that you hurt but you have the power… Continue

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I have see the darkness of the world and I can control my anger and my rage. It is pure evil that comes for all of us. We must be prepared to let some of our fear go so we can find our dreams. Never give up on your dreams for if you stop dreaming then you stop growing. The time is short for us all so take care to lead not fallow and when you are ready then you will find peace.

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I have searched the world over and never have I found trust. I have lost all the people that I have lost because of trust. I have come to hate that word for it's meaning is unknown to most. I leave here with a sense of failure and now I know that there is no trust left in our world.

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New Year

With the coming year there will come a great war and the black king will face the red dragon. He will take all that is good in life and make it in to his image. Search your feelings and find the right path or forever you will wander in the darkness. Look deep with in your soul and let the power of your spirit loose to free you from the evil that will soon be here. Do not eat the flesh or drink the blood or the darkness will consume all that is good in you.

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Light can not exist with out the darkness we are all part of the cycle of good and evil. The time for us is short so make the best of what time you have. Stay on the path and let the light lead you to you destiny. If you start down the dark side it will forever consume you.

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it's time again already....

i know this sounds really cliche...(it's right up there with talking about hating mondays and airline food)....but i seriously cannot believe the holidays are here does not feel like it should be time to start putting up christmas trees, and hearing christmas music in every store (which is an entirely separate complaint....have you ever noticed there are really only about 10 christmas songs...but there are 900 versions of those 10 we have to listen to the same garbage… Continue

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i lawled....

if there is one thing i am sick to death of right is a discussion about politics...but...this video made me laugh pretty i thought i would share....(no political discussion necessary)

New World Order

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it never fails...

i either stay awake until 3am because i can't sleep...or i fall asleep at 11:30 like everyone else..and then wake up at 4am....i can't win with the sleep....

oh well...thank god for adult swim and youtube.....

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i am liking this new site...

i have to admit i am not a big fan of myspace...but the new generation g is awesome...

this is better because we all have something in common and it isn't so random...

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Coats For Kids

Thanks to everyone that helped with our Coats For Kids campaign this year. This year’s drive was a huge success! If you’re looking to receive a coat from the Salvation Army they will be distributed from November 17th through the 28th. Stop into the Salvation Army office on South A and get a coupon.

Thanks to Subway, Aamco, The Iron Skillet, First Bank Richmond and Armstrong Cleaners. And, of course, a big thanks to YOU. Your generosity makes Coats For Kids possible.… Continue

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