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Your toes reveal a lot about your personality and your taste. According to Master Toe Reader Holly Petersen, each toe represents one of five key elements: Destiny, communication, passion, relationships and prosperity. Let’s start with the obvious…

• Your big toe is your destiny. If it’s straight, you’re headed in the right direction. If it curves slightly to either side, you’ll probably switch paths more often in life.

• Your second toe is communication. If it’s shorter than your big toe, you’re an introvert. If it’s as long as or longer than your big toe, you’re an extroverted multitasker and probably stand out in a crowd.

• Your third toe is your passion. If it lies flat and straight, you go after what you want. If it points downward, you tend to procrastinate.

• Your fourth toe is your relationships. If it curves, you tend to make deep connections. If it is straight, you’re more of a people person with lots of friends.

• Your pinky toe is your prosperity. If it’s skinny, you’re the entrepreneur type who’s likely to feast or famine. If it’s chubby, you’re a financial leader who probably raises or saves more.

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