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In honor of the the Super Bowl (which I'm not sure I can legally say...damn), the Indiana Office of Tourism has assembled the guide of all guides for sandwich lovers.  They call it the Super 46.  It's 46 sandwiches from all over Indiana that are considered the best the state has to offer.  Some will view it as a helpful guide for good eating while others (G101-3's own Keith Wade) will take it as a challenge.  Landing on the list as the only representative from east central Indiana is Richmond's very own Ghyslain Bistro!  If you're looking for a sandwich on a road trip or if you're up for trying all 46, you can check out the list here.  If you run into Keith make sure you say "hi".  Just don't approach him while he's eating.  He's like a honey badger when it comes to his food.

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