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As heard this morning on the G101-3 Morning Show.

Could your blood type have something to do with your disposition and relationships? The personality connection has never been scientifically proven – but some people swear by it. In Japan, it’s common for people to ask each other “What type are you?” If you’re curious, here are the blood type types:

Blood Type A: They tend to be conservative, introverted, reserved or patient. Type As can also be obsessive, self-conscious, uptight and stubborn – yet considerate and extremely loyal.

Type B's are creative, flexible, optimistic and passionate. They can also be forgetful and irresponsible. In Korea, type B men are perceived as “players” and are not considered marriage material.

Blood Type AB: They are cool, controlled and rational – and can also be a bit critical and unforgiving. They’re charming and don’t sweat the small stuff – but they don’t like to feel confined.

Type O's are ambitious, self-confident and robust. They are natural leaders and often great athletes. Type Os are not afraid to take risks and may come across as arrogant, insensitive and vain.

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