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Richmond makes the Super 46!

In honor of the the Super Bowl (which I'm not sure I can legally say...damn), the Indiana Office of Tourism has assembled the guide of all guides for sandwich lovers.  They call it the Super 46.  It's 46 sandwiches from all over Indiana that are considered the best the state has to offer.  Some will view it as a helpful guide for good eating while others (G101-3's own…


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Hot Hot Cocoa

Have some hot cocoa – some REALLY hot cocoa – as in spicy. Mexican cocoa is a blend of cocoa, cinnamon and chili pepper and has some extra health benefits in there. The pepper compounds in hot-hot cocoa can actually boost endorphins, while the cinnamon improves awareness. Real cocoa boosts mood and gives you a good dose of antioxidants. Rachael Ray’s recipe for…


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Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Anita Harris was drunk.  Not like a little slur-your-words drunk.  I'm talking really drunk.  How drunk, you may ask?  Well...for starters she took off her top and then her bra.  Still not drunk enough for you?  Ok...then she walked through town (topless) and came upon an animal shelter where Terri Daulton was working.  Since topless, angry, drunken women aren't the norm at…


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Got bugs?

This, my friends, is the Giant Weta.  It's indigenous to Richmond and is probably in your backyard right now.  Ok, ok...that's not true, but I'm sure the look on your face was priceless!  These living nightmares are from New Zealand and are actually endangered.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, it is the largest insect in the world.  According to entomologist Mark…


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100 Best Android Apps

If you have an Android device (smart phone, tablet, etc) or you're asking for one for Christmas, here is a list of some of the best apps available.  I've got an Android phone and plan on checking out a bunch of these!  What about you?  What's your favorite Android app?…


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Best product ever??

What if you could finally (and I say finally because I know you've been thinking it for a long time) combine your love of bacon with your love of love?? J&D's Foods is making your dream a reality with BaconLube!  Yes, your dream of bacon flavored personal lubricant has been realized.  Why?  I have no…


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Nicolas Cage: Vampire?

Nicolas Cage, like most in Hollywood, looks pretty good for his age.  Especially if his age is over 150.  Check out the details from this citizen in this…


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The Worst Songs of the 90's

Rolling Stone has asked for reader submissions as they compiled a list of the worst songs of the 90's.  The entire list is far from shocking ("What's Miley Cyrus' dad doing on the list? Wait...he was a singer?") but it is pretty entertaining. …


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Pedicure anyone?

When you're feeling like a pedicure here are a few things to keep in mind...


Few things feel more indulgent than a relaxing pedicure. If you’re going to book one for yourself – make it in the morning. Many salons are far from sanitary, regardless of how clean they look. The germ count is usually lower in the morning. Here are a few more disturbing… Continue

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Robostir? Really??

There is a new helpful hand in the kitchen that will stir for up to 4 hours in heat that would melt steel...because we all need that!  Check out Robostir if you are afraid that you'll get tennis-elbow from stirring your spaghetti sauce...this is yours!

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Watering your plants in the heat

(As heard on the G101-3 Morning Show)

If it seems like your outdoor plants need more water every time you turn around – here’s a trick to give you a break. You’ll need an old water bottle or soda bottle. Fill it up and pop it in the freezer. Stick in in the soil, upside down without the cap on, near a deserving plant. It will get a nice long drink as the… Continue

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Gotta Love The Hot Stuff...Or Do You?

(As heard on The G101-3 Morning Show)

Ever wonder why some people can eat a hot chili pepper and love it while other people can’t tolerate the heat? It turns out that people who “can’t take the heat” simply have more taste buds on their tongue. In fact, we all fall into 1 of 3 groups when it comes to tasting:

Non-tasters who don’t taste much…


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Don't Get Busted!

So...texting and driving has always been frowned upon but now it's just plain illegal.  In an effort to keep you from getting busted here's an awesome app for your smartphone.  It's called Vlingo In-Car.  Use it…


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What are your toes telling you?


As promised from the G 101-3 Morning Show...


Your toes reveal a lot about your personality and your taste. According to Master Toe Reader Holly Petersen, each toe represents one of five key elements: Destiny, communication, passion, relationships and prosperity. Let’s start with the obvious…

• Your big toe…


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Hell hath no fury...

Taylor Morgan joined us this morning on the G101-3 Morning Show (4/1).  She's got a great story!  She supported her boyfriend for about 5 yrs when she caught him cheating on her.  After changing the locks she decided to make a little extra $$ (and some sweet revenge) by selling the stuff she bought him on E-Bay! …


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Aren't you a little young for that??

Little girls love to play with dolls that seem real.  Dolls that wet...dolls that cry...dolls that breastfeed.  That's the newest one.  Check out the latest toy that makes you say "WTF?!".  Oh...and for extra creepiness make sure you watch the…


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OK...seriously...what do you think of "Friday"?

It's become a running joke on YouTube with so many parodies but you can't argue with the numbers.  The video has been viewed over 62 million times! comes the time when we throw out the question what do you really think of Rebecca Black's Friday?  Do you think we should play it??

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Lightsabers are real?!

Alright, I'm a geek and I can admit it.  I love sci-fi and comic books and such but I also know the line between reality and fiction.  Apparently not everyone does.  The new survey by Birmingham Science City revealed that several Brits don't both hands on the steering wheel of reality.  Check it out...

• More than a fifth of adults believe light sabers…


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Donald Duck: genius inventor

I've always liked Donald Duck.  Maybe its his attitude...his speech impediment...or the fact that he never wears pants.  No matter the reason, Donald can also be credited as being a genius.  Don't believe me?  Ever see Inception?  Donald did that 9 years ago!  Who discovered a new molecule 20 years before modern science?  Damn straight,…


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You're an animal!

The monks of Burma created an astrology system centuries ago that tells a lot about you.  Whatever day of the week you were born on describes you and your personality.  Google your birthday to find out what day of the week and check below... 


Monday is a tiger. Intelligent with an eye for detail – you’re a…


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