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May 2012 Blog Posts (5)

You Named Your Baby What???

The website Nameberry (with apparently waaaay too much time on their hands) totaled up their baby names and found some of the weirdest names far.  How about Cougar? Corleone? Tomorrow? You know your kid will have this name until they're 18 and old enough to legally change it...right? …


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WTF Happened To Lisa Turtle??

Say what you want, but you loved Saved By The Bell.  We all did.  Sure it was cheesy and the stories could be kinda lame...but c' was fun!  Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Skreech and Lisa.  There has been talk of a SBTB reunion.  I can't wait to see if the gang recognizes Lisa if she shows up.  Here's Voorhees during a recent…


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Primary Election Results for Wayne County

With 10,443 votes cast, here are the primary election results for Wayne County, Indiana.

  • For President on the Republican side of the ballot in the county, Mitt Romney wins with 67.3% of the vote, running against the incumbent Barack Obama
  •  For US Senator, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock beats incumbent Richard Lugar on the GOP side in the county, 60% to…

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Anonymous says sorry to G101.3

Sorry to Rick for interupting a lot of good air time with my nonsense. Sorry to Dave for hating him to which I do not anymore...You might have noticed that I deleted my Hate Dave lists. Sorry to Jessica for not talking in awhile with quips about the day. Sorry G1013 and to the fans if I have in any way made your day worse.

I will not be on again for a long time, so do not look for me. Just leave me a message. I may or may not read it.

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Time For A Tan-ervention

Patricia Krentcil has a serious problem.  I mean...other than looking like she is auditioning for Robert Downey Jr's mom in Tropic Thunder 2.  She has been charged with taking her daughter to the tanning bed with her.  Her daughter is 5!  For more awesome pictures of Leathery McLeather…


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