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There is a forever and it is up to you to find it. Look deep with in your self to find your eternal spirit and soul. with these as your guide you can achieve any thing that you desire. We are locked inside theses bodies for a short time and this is to learn how to live forever with out them. My power comes from the dark side and it to is eternal. Ether way you choose you will be granted immortality. Speak his name and you will find your way through into the path that you seek. Eat of the flesh… Continue

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Support your local musician

The Next Level would like to thank everyone who came out to the G1013 Battle of the Bands. We had a lot of fun. We look forward to next years Battle. Our thanks also goes out to G101.3 & Earlham College for putting this event on for us local musicians. Thanks guys, your the ones who ROCK.

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All Bands

Congratulations to all who participated last night. Every band added something special to the evening. It was great catching up with old friends. Can't wait for Rockin The Gorge!!!!!

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the cycle of life....(continues on and on)

so i am taking the rest of this week off of riding to get ready for the relay...and i have to say...i am really missing's just not the same driving to work now...and i worked so hard to not put any miles on the car, and as i watch them rack up...i feel disappointed...

this is a great new feeling...i feel very responsible for my own carbon emissions...and that was the point...we all do things everyday that are not that great… Continue

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Gotta go during a movie?

Good news! Now you never have to miss anything important when you gotta go! Thanks to now you'll know exactly when to get up and go plus how long you can be gone before you do miss anything good! Great idea...I just hope I can wait that… Continue

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the cycle of life....(continues)

so now that i have been doing this for a couple of weeks...i am getting much faster...i actually made it to work today in about 23 used to take me anywhere from 16 to 17 to drive i really have not lost that much time...

also, since i try very hard to stay fit...i ride pretty hard to get here in the mornings..and i have lost 2 pounds! if i can lose weight doing this i know anyone can....

one… Continue

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Hey if anyone needs a place to set up for 40 yardsale....

Traders depot in Richmond is offering up spaces for $10.00 a day.
its a great price and hopefully we will have good traffic thru there. call up there or stop in to reserve your spot asap.

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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend

cause now we all get to head back to work.
I had a great bonfire with our friends and got a good drunk
spent all day today im regenerated and ready to go back to work tuesday.

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Battle of the Bands

Come join the "NEXT LEVEL" the "2009 ABATE battle to the Boogie" winners. Check out their new song "BORDERLINE". They will be at the G101.3 battle of the bands @ Elks country club in Richmond IN. Starts @ 7:00pm Thursday May 28, 2009. No Entry fee, Family Event, Bring Friends. Let us take you to the NEXT LEVEL.Hoope to see you there, & don't forget to vote NEXT LEVEL.NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL.

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United forces.

Our military men and women our facing death everyday. To be at war is like living in hell fore you know not when your time will come to make that one decision that could end your life. To take a life is one of the hardest choices you have to make and one that you will never forget. One year on the battlefield is like one year in hell your mind will play tricks on you and you will never be the same after. I think about them everyday and Pray for them all.

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the cycle of life....(updated)

so here i am on my third day of biking to work and it just keeps getting better....

one of the best things about riding to work in the morning is not having that one hour used to be, every morning when i would get here it would take me a good 90 minutes to wake up....but now, since i am riding in, i am wide awake from the's amazing the difference it makes getting that blood flowing first thing in the… Continue

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Best Pizza Around!

This morning on the G 101-3 Morning Show we talked about GQ's list of the best pizza places in the country. But...who's got the best pizza in the area? Here are your votes (in no particular order and some got multiple votes)...

- Mercurio's

- Joe's Pizza

- Red Front (New Paris)

- Maria Mitrione's

- Red and Ruth's… Continue

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another survey

city or farm? toilet or outhouse? sov or gaga?

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the cycle of life....(continued)

so here we are on say 2 of the commute to and from work on the bicycle....and i have to say ...i like it even more than i thought i would....there is nothing like actually being outside and enjoying this great weather....

yesterday i had to run some errands.....i had to run to the post office and some other i just jumped on the bike and started's really a lot of fun and i am finding it does not take nearly as… Continue

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the cycle of life....

it seems like everytime i turn around i hear someone talking about going green...but i rarely see many people actually follow through....not only is it easy to say you're going green, but once you sit down and decide to follow through it can be a little overwhelming...there is just too much to do it all at i have decided to take it one step at a time...and i am starting with one big step...well, more like one big… Continue

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follow dave snow...

first of all.....if you are looking for information about the relay for life use this link Relay For Life...come join my team!

you can follow my entire 24 hour walk on twitter.... my username is djdavesnow...i will be updating at least every… Continue

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Xtreme Cosmic Bowling

Thanks to everyone from Generation G that came out to Richmond 40 Bowl Saturday night for Xtreme Cosmic Bowling. Make sure you check out a few pics from the night that we updated live as they happened on Generation G...the world's most interactive radio station!

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In all of the endless universe there is but two powers that fight for good and evil but only one constant and that is fear. It is the one power that both possess. It can transform into strength or can destroy us. Lucifer has been set loose and is now free to rain down his power upon the good that stands in his way. He rules with fear as his Allie and with this power he will rule the world known as earth. It has been written and so will it be done fore all that we hold dear is about to change.… Continue

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A survey. iPod or MP3? Mac or PC?

Added by Keygan Wooo! on May 12, 2009 at 3:33pm — 3 Comments

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