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NCIS fanatic

What is the best episode ever of NCIS? I like Hiatus part one and two where Gibbs gets blown up and Kill Ari part one and two, where the team tries to cope with Kate's death...there are so many others also like Endgame, Powerdown, and Rule Fifty-One...What is some of yours?

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I am so glad you guys have tickets for free events! It's so hard to find anything to do around here and doing nothing is getting dry. Going out and being able to do things is helping my relationship, and my boredom! And it's great you guys are so interactive. I really, really enjoy it.

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Donald Duck: genius inventor

I've always liked Donald Duck.  Maybe its his attitude...his speech impediment...or the fact that he never wears pants.  No matter the reason, Donald can also be credited as being a genius.  Don't believe me?  Ever see Inception?  Donald did that 9 years ago!  Who discovered a new molecule 20 years before modern science?  Damn straight,…


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Death Sled!!!!

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generation g night is back!


generation g Night Is Back, And We're Going Tubing!


Join us on Saturday, February 19th, as we invade Valley's Edge Snow Tubing in New Paris!

The fun starts at 5pm, and all generation g members get in ABSOLUTELY FREE!  You'll enjoy a full hour of snow tubing as you fly down the hill at valley's Edge, then grab a tow line back to the…


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Dave Takes The Cake

Rick Duncan and Dave Snow had a contest on the Free For All Friday.   The contest was to see who could get to 1,000 friends in Facebook.  Rick edged out Dave and took the victory.  Dave accepted his fate and took a red velvet cake with peppermint cream cheese icing to the face (courtesy of Fecher's Panache).


Dave said the cake was delicious, and Rick said the victory was sweet.


Check out the video here:…


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I wish this shit would go away! I am so over this crap, but I do enjoy the school closing for my college :). But I hate driving in this to work ugh!!! It blows ass!!

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level 3

hey g101.3....ive been listening to your broadcast about a level 3 travel emergency and instead of the police saying over and over you will get a ticket if caught then just do it and quite saying it!!!!!

Added by tina ross on February 2, 2011 at 3:20pm — 1 Comment

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