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There are so many different things that can cause us to cry and I can feel your pain. What ever it is I know that I can help you. You are so important and make a difference in so many ways that you don't even realise that you do. The pain never goes away and you want it to stop so just look deep inside yourself and find the strength that you possess . Know that you are a light in the darkness for so many people and will always be loved. I can feel your pain and you will over come anything that… Continue

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destini's blog

wats up dudes

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Joaquin Phoenix...Actor/Rapper/Miss America Contestant

"Here HE is...Miss America." Joaquin Phoenix made a surprise appearance at the Miss America pageant. As you can tell it was a surprise to him too. I mean, he didn't shave or comb his hair or anything...and he STILL got to wear the Miss Kentucky sash! I wonder if he rapped for the contestants? Dare to dream, ladies...dare to dream.

(Editor's note: The Miss Kentucky sash had to be deloused immediately… Continue

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god is wat we live for and he hi a miricol so,think god.

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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Come on...who doesn't LOVE bubble wrap?! It just so happens that today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!! Whoo hoo!! In honor of such a day, here's your chance to pop some virtual bubble wrap. Enjoy!

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Popularity and awareness of HGH pills has spread quickly since they were first introduced. This shows the effectiveness of HGH pills, there are thousands of people in just the United States alone who are enjoying the benefits of HGH pills, whether they are using them as a bodybuilding aid or to age gracefully. HGH pills are a safe, affordable and natural way of replacing the…


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Can't freakin' wait!!

Here's a promo pic from the new Wolverine movie! For those comic book challenged it's (from L to R) Deadpool, Gambit, Wolverine, Sabretooth and Silver Fox. I'm so geeking out it's not even funny!'s a little funny.

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Blood sweat and Tears.

In the beginning God created man. This was his first mistake and when he saw what he had done he corrected it by making Woman. Women are what makes the world great because they are so beautiful And very smart. They are all goddesses and can control their passion. Now comes the time where we can find out what we should do to keep them all safe from the test yet to come. Blood will flow from every vain and evil will replace good as the dominating force in the world. If we fail then we will all… Continue

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Just funny stuff.....

more animals

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Jouquin Phoenix...Actor/Rapper/Grizzly Bear

Now that J.P has left Planet Reality (and apparently forgotten his razor in the process) who do you think he looks like? Pictures to support your theory are welcome!

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The biggest problem with buying authentic Hoodia is that many of the products being marketed as Hoodia online or in health food stores is either impure, contains no Hoodia or contains no authentic Hoodia. Let me explain this last part. While there are many plants which fall under the genus Hoodia, but only the species Hoodia Gordonii is authentic Hoodia for weight loss. Anything less than 400mg per…


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A long time ago there lived a soul eater. He was king of a far off kingdom and let out all of his rage on his people. He was cursed and the first of his kind. His lust for blood was known around the world. He could not be killed so a great Angel vowed to try and destroy him. This could not be accomplished so he was imprisoned in a toom of his own blood. Now after centuries he has escaped to again let his power loose upon this world again. He will be known as the great deceiver and his power… Continue

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Sad...just sad.

He was Mini Me in the Austin Powers films. He was on The Surreal Life on VH1. He even had his own sex tape (creepy but true). Yet here we are. Here is what Verne Troyer's life has become.

Dressed as a teddy bear eating honey for a British TV show. A moment of silence for the career of Verne Troyer.

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Ice, sometimes it is this way for all of us to Appreciate spring and summer and the warm temperature. Tomorrow we will have a new leader and what we all think will become a time of prosperous times. War still will rage and more is soon to come but this has to be because is has already been written. The red dragon will again wage war on its neighbors and this will come to pass in the next year to come. A great wrong will show us that we will fall in the end and what we will see will be pain and… Continue

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Black Panther.

Our spirits are in a fight for our life. There is little time left for us to find our destiny.You can feel the power and the evil of witch is yet to come. In the east there will arise a new nation and with it will come a great choice of witch I speak. Power beyond power and the curse that was placed upon man back in the beginning when the fall of Lucifer had come. We have come so far but there is so much still left to learn. If we are weak and take the easy way out then forever will we live in… Continue

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hopefully this works...

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That is some Journey love!

These guys remade Journey's Separate Ways video shot-for-shot! The original video is playing in the bottom right hand corner so you can remember just how cheesy it was. Impressive...a little strange but very impressive. This is my new… Continue

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Angel Dust.

Your spirit and soul are reaching there peak. Drugs are a source of power that is better left alone. They will take you to the dark side that you do not wish to go. When you start down the darkness it will rule you. Everything that you know and love will be lost its the power that we call drugs. I feel your pain and I know how bad that you hurt. If you need help seek out my father for he can guide you to the place that you need to be.

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