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More than half of people surveyed in a recent study were so clueless about their bodies that they cannot pinpoint the correct location of their heart. Most also do not know how much blood we have, how many teeth are in our mouths or what roles our vital organs perform. Many of the 2,000 respondents questioned by researchers were unable to say what our correct body temperature should be, while nearly 10 percent were unsure of the number of kidneys we have. Additionally, the study found 60 percent could not name their own blood type.


50% don't know where their heart is (center-left of the chest)
75% don't know how many bones are in an adult body (206)
Just under 50% don't know how many teeth we have (32)
40% don't know where their kidneys are
Just under 10% don't know how many kidneys we have
More than 50% don't know where their gall bladder is
60% don't know their own blood type
66% did not know that the average adult has between five and six liters of blood
18% think a visor was a type of tooth (it's a surface that protects the eyes)
75% do not know that the liver is our biggest internal organ
40% think a single lung is of a greater size

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