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PN Update 06.14.10

Good evening, peckereads. Nicky The Nub here with the latest PSYCHO NUBS news. Salud!

For those of you not in the know, Brandon returned to Richmond from Los Angeles for about a month in May. His return coincided with the filming of Zack Parker's SCALENE. The Psycho Nubs' very own Brandon Owens co-wrote this film with Parker. SCALENE features: Hannah Hall (Virgin Suicides, Forrest Gump), Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story), and Adam Scarimbolo (A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints). SCALENE is a sure shot for the Festival Circuit in 2011.

During B-Nub's return we...managed to do a Mid-West Mini Tour, recorded an entire full length album in about seven hours, played the E. St. Pub, endured endless bullshit, practiced at 9 AM almost daily, got shit-faced everywhere and everyday, drove four hours to not play a show...the list goes on.

The majority of our Mid-West Mini Tour was, unfortunately, spent sharing time with metal bands and clearing out bars. Below I will give a brief synopsis of each day of tour for those of you who might be interested in reading.

Time for some shitty news!!!!! INCONVENIENT BASTARDS, our upcoming 7” Vinyl EP is currently being pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN. We've listened to our test presses and are really excited for the SOUND of this album. Warm, fat, and fuzzy. However,we still owe the pressing plant some money that we don't have. Consequently, the release date will have to be, unfortunately, moved back. No definite date yet, but we'll keep you posted. Sorry, dudes. Bummer.

We'd like to offer our thanks to everyone who helped us out in any way during B-Nub's return and the subsequent PSYCHO NUBS power meetings.

If you're on Facebook become a fan! We've just uploaded 112 pictures from tour. Smell That Filthy Ass!!!

As promised....

Warm Fuzzy Memories From Tour 2010
By: Nick Shadle

05.05.10—Redford, MI

We bid farewell to Richmond on a sunny Wednesday afternoon with our eyes set on Detroit. We acted like morons for four straight hours in the van and found ourselves at our hotel in Monroe, MI. Cracked a Pabst in celebration, ate some food, stretched, and set out for the hour trip to the Double 00 Pub.

Once there I introduced myself to the bartender as one of the dudes who will be rocking your sleazy pub tonight. Hoping for some sort of direction on where to load in and all the particulars, she instead replies, “Want A Pepsi?” I sat there sipping on my Pepsi in a detergent stained glass. I look around and see no PA is set up. 15 minutes before the show is supposed to start, we notice that no other bands that were on the bill had shown up. Nightfall is fast approaching in a rust belt suburb of Detroit..

We reassemble in the van and start mulling over our options. None of them are looking good. And then, just like a script, in walks a dude who's walking the parking lot and looking in cars in an obviously suspicious manner. I start the engine. The potential thief gets spooked and walks away quickly. I put it into gear and head south out of Detroit as quickly as possible. Fuck that place, we will never ever go back to your stupid fucking shit hole town again. We've played in some really shitty parts of towns in major cities and have never though about backing off, but Detroit is on a whole different level, dude. If you got balls for Detroit, I tip my hat to you, sir.

05.06.10—Bowling Green, OH

Arrived around noon on Finals Friday hoping the new day would bring us better luck than the night before. A few hours later we set out on foot to wander Bowling Green State University. There were kids packing their cars full of crap and headed home, kids bidding farewell to one another, and dude-bros who look like they wish they'd spent more time studying rather than engaging in full fledged douchebaggery on a nightly basis.

We found our way to Howard's Club H . Made buddy with the sound guy, Maurice, shot the shit, had a Pabst and wandered back to the hotel for prep.

The Solar 8 went first, good dudes, good music. Then came the metal. The kind of metal that makes you feel like you're physically being pounded upon. We went out to the van after their first song. Even standing outside the club you could physically feel the sounds punching at you.

Since we were playing after these dudes, we decided to go back inside Howard's to start getting ready about ¾ the way into their set. They took exception to our absence. I had one of their dudes mean mug me and then puff his chest out like he anticipated a fight as we passed in the narrow aisle. Them metal heads called B-Nub old. Ha!

We were ready to start the first song of our set when the metal heads walked up to the stage and yelled at us that they were leaving. Cool guys: 1, Losers 0.

We rocked Howard's like we do at all of our shows. Drank up their beer, said laters to Maurice, grabbed the cash then dashed to the hotel. Drank up more beer and passed out. Standard night of tour.

05.07.10—Barrington, IL

It's a bitch that the only way to get to Chicago from the greater Toledo area is a damn toll road. It puts a hurtin' on a unsigned, two-piece punk rock band's wallet. It was a rainy drive. Listened to KRS One on the radio. Sat in downtown Chicago traffic. By this point of tour, B-Nub had probably said, “Smell That Filthy Ass” approximately 1,785 times. Annoyed and amused, stuck in traffic.

We rolled up to The Penny Road Pub that night after wandering through very rural areas that didn't make you feel like you were in the Chicago suburbs anymore and made you question the GPS. We were surprised to see that the parking lot was full. Easily a couple hundred cars. That place was hopin'... we were stoked.

Upstairs there were female bartenders in skimpy bikinis, butt cheeks and cleavage abound. Typical drink, flirt and fuck crowd. We ventured downstairs to check out where we were playing that night. We watched a geriatric, hag-fronted, biker cover band cover “Hash Pipe” by Weezer. I sat there and smiled to myself. It's good to be Nick Shadle.

Ground Effect was on tour and on the bill as well. Good, hard-working dudes. Though I'm not a big fan of metal, them dudes are doing shit the right way and I appreciate that. Best of luck, dudes.

So finally time to play. It's 2:15 AM, but really it's 3:15 because of the time difference. Ready for bed, but am able to find the energy and wherewithal to rock as awesome as we do. The crowd thins out with each passing song until we're playing for the sound man. Mid-way through our next song, I look up and see the sound man waving his arms. We got black flagged.

Loaded up and out, saw a fight, farted on a cop car then headed back to our luxurious hotel. Drank up some beers and watched Maury to find out who the baby's daddy is.

05.08.10-- Indianapolis, IN

On the road back home already. It's psychologically a good place to have your CHECK ENGINE SOON light come on. It's easier to ask someone to pick you up from someplace in Indiana as opposed to Michigan or Chicago. Despite the scare, we arrived into the north side of Indianapolis without incident. Stumbled upon the ES Jungle, which we quickly learned is actually a venue in the basement of a church. Chamomile, The Psycho Nubs, and Subatomic in a church. Funny to me.

It was an awesome show. The crowd was shouting out requests. We obliged them with “World's Largest Wal-Mart.” It was the first time in years that we had played that song. Nevertheless, we gotta make the peeps happy. I knew I wouldn't be able to play and sing the song so I enlisted the help of our good friend Ian White and Kenji of Subatomic to sing. It was the absolute best moment of tour. Thanks again to everyone at Piradical Productions, Kenji, and Ian. You guys are the best.

Free pizza, good crowd, cool people, selling merch, getting awesome way to return home. We didn't stay in Indy. We opted to make the seemingly puny hour drive back home to Richmond.

On about the 1,000th mile, we arrived home. The tour was over. Good times and bad times. Putrid van farts and pissy jeans. Angry metal bands and goofy punk kids. Annoying catch phrases and pictures to show.

If you actually have read this far consider yourself a true muthafuckin' fan. Thanks again to everybody for everything.

Alright! Alright!

--Nicky The Nub

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