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Richmond, Indiana's own Psycho Nubs released 7" Vinyl EP



After much talk, planning, pushing back the release date eight months, apathy, the band breaking up, and a slew of other obstacles, INCONVENIENT BASTARDS is finally for sale.  This is our first 7" Vinyl release and it's only limited to 300 copies.  Black vinyl with album artwork printed on hand cut opalescent card stock.  Pressed by the world famous United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN.


It's availabe for purchase for $5.00 plus shipping through our online store on Big Cartel.  Here's the link:



Thanks in advance to everyone who purchases a copy and sorry for taking so long to get this thing out.  As always, your support for this band is greatly appreciated.


Alright! Alright! Alright!

--Nicky The Nub

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