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Boys and girls, men and women, 12th Street tramps, and common jerks. Greetings from CAMP NUB. Nicky The Nub here to give you the latest news.


Our first vinyl release, entitled "INCONVENIENT BASTARDS" is currently being pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN. We should be expecting a test pressing in about a week from now. An exact street date has yet to be decided for the 7", but we do know for a fact it will be made available in May.

Our Mid-West Mini-Tour is now booked. The dates are...:

05.05.10 Double 00 Pub Detroit (Redford), MI
05.06.10 Howard's Club H Bowling Green, OH
05.07.10 Abbey Road Pub Barrington, IL
05.08.10 ES Jungle Indianapolis, IN
05.14.10 The Heorot Muncie, IN
05.22.10 The Grainery Milton, IN
05.29.10 TBA Richmond, IN

For more tour information please visit us at


BNub will be back in Indiana for little over a month. During that time we will be recording our third full length tentatively entitled, "Three Finger Wipe". We reek of class...I know, but don't worry your head a bit. The juicy jams we've got cooking up for you will make up for the crass title.

BNub will also be on set of the latest ZACK PARKER film "SCALENE". BNub worked in conjunction with Parker on writing its script. We look forward to seeing the next ZACK PARKER film!!!

Amigos, it's been fun. More information as it becomes available.

Alright! Alright!

--Nicky The Nub

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