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Rick Duncan's Blog – June 2009 Archive (5)

Is this safe to eat??

Ever look in the fridge and go, "Hey, I forgot about these pickles! Can I still eat them?" Personally, if I don't remember buying them, I won't eat them! But, if you're a little tougher to convince then try this out. It's the USDA's food safety website with a virtual answer girl! You'll want to bookmark it and use it...a LOT. I know I… Continue

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Richmond Rockets fundraiser

As you heard on the G 101-3 Morning Show this morning the Richmond Rockets 11 and under baseball team is playing in the USSSA International World Series in Chicago July 24th-August 2nd. They'll be playing teams from not only the U.S. but around the world! They're looking for donations to help with team expenses for the trip. They've got a fund raising Car Wash Sunday (6/14) at Johnson… Continue

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Henry Lee Summer...WTF?

Ok...I've been a Henry Lee Summer fan since he did a fund raising concert at Daleville High School in 1987. He was cool, charismatic and a great entertainer. I saw him perform about 4 times. The last time was his unfortunate appearance at Civic Hall about 3 years ago. 2 hours late...looked like he just woke up...played guitar like E.T. working a Speak-N-Spell. Bad.

Word broke about his arrest for DUI. Then comes his arrest for… Continue

Added by Rick Duncan on June 11, 2009 at 8:04am — 3 Comments

Furniture for all colors...and they prove it!

The Red House Furniture Store in NC wants everyone to shop there. If you don't believe me then just… Continue

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Corrupt files to the rescue!

Tell me this hasn't happened to you. You've got a report/paper/project due and its not done. You just need a little more time...but its due NOW! What do you do? Go to and buy yourself a file that can't be opened! By the time they figure out they can't open it, you'll have the right one finished and ready to turn in. Brilliant!! Where were these guys when I was in… Continue

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