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So here it is 2010. Not only did we make the transition into the 21st century, we are full decade into this new millennium. Now that we are here, it's time to leave some things behind. Don't get me wrong, I can be just as nostalgic as the next person, but sometimes you just have to let go. So here is my list of things that, as of 2010, is time to let go and just keep in our memories. You may have some fond memories of these items, so grab some kleenex and get ready to part ways:

the cassette tape
Let's face it, music has not seen that many updates since the beginning of the home music player. We pretty much went from vinyl to the tape, to the cd (with the exception on the 8-track and reel to reel). As of 2010, the mp3 is music format of choice for most, and vinyl has found a solid home with the music snobs, dj hero wannabe's, and music collectors that will always swear it is the better way to listen. But the cassette is far past its prime. As of 2010, it is time to say goodbye to this old plastic friend.

the written letter
I already know what you are thinking..."Dave, how can you say handwriting is gone as of 2010?" Well, the answer is simple. When was the last time you hand wrote a letter and sent it to someone? Exactly my point. In this digital age, we hardly write anything anymore. I think even kids in school send emails these days that say "Do you like me? Click here for yes. Click here for no." If Romeo and Juliet met today, they would use blogs and texting to profess their love. It's a hell of a lot less romantic, but this is 2010.

the vhs tape (and the VCR)
Somehow, and I still cannot figure this one out, in the mid to late 80's we actually took a technological step back and rode it out for the better part of 10 years. The laserdisc was out long before the VHS tape, and it was the true precursor to the DVD. Yet, somehow, the VHS tape jumped in there. It was cheap, easy to manufacture, easy to record on, and reminded us a lot of those cassettes we loved so damn much. So we held on to them for much longer than we should have. But, we finally wised up and realized we were getting ripped off. In today's world of high def t.v.'s, blu-ray players, tivo/dvr, and our never ending desire to be able to see every pore on the face of our favorite food network stars, there is just no home left or the old analog VHS tape. You may think you will miss this old favorite, but just will probably NEVER rewind anything again in your life. Strange thought.

the pontiac
My first car was a Firebird. I have had 3 since, and I still drive one today. The days of the corporate bailout were very short and are already long gone. The Pontiac took a hit that it will never recover from. Thanks for all the great times Pontiac. Also, I want my money back for that Fiero. Thanks.

the phone booth
In the words of the immortal and the ever handsome Phil Collins: "..Superman where are you now?" I am not sure where Superman will decide to quickly jump into his awesome blue and red tights, but the fact is the phone booth is dead. Today, anyone over the age of 9 has a cell phone, and if you don't, someone nearby does. The phone booth served us very well for many years, but it's time has come and gone. I only wish now that I had spent more time in one of these retro relics, because now it's too late. If you do find a phone booth, get in and take a picture. Your grandchildren will get a good laugh.

the illegal mp3
Ok, admission time. I was one of the original music pirates. When Napster first started I was right there. Then I followed the crowd through all the different sites: Morpheus, Kazaa, BearShare...etc. But today, it's just not really worth it anymore. Finally, the music industry has met us halfway and made it really easy to get an mp3 for 99 cents. So now, instead of fishing through 37 terrible copies of a song, so I can finally just settle for the lesser of all evils, I can just get the song for a meager 99 cents. I never thought I would say this, but that works for me. Most of the old music pirates have found bigger and better things to move onto (like pre-releases on movies, and whole seasons of their favorite t.v. shows). Two things killed the illegal mp3. 1 - it just is not worth the hassle when you can get it for 99 cents. 2 - the fines for downloading movies and such are MUCH higher and MUCH worse...and as we all's much more fun to push the boundaries. So if you are gonna be REALLY bad. Downloading mp3's is for suckers.

Now that we have taken that time to bid a fond farewell to some of our old favorite things in 2010. I would like to give my predictions about what will be gone in 2020. Here are a few things that I do not think will last 10 more years:

the desktop computer
Don't freak out. The computer is not going anywhere. But try to remember what it was like before cell phones, everyone in the house had to share 1 phone. It sounds ridiculous now. Well today, my cell phone gets me on the web for everything I need. No more waiting to get on the computer. Within 10 years that big monitor that is cluttering up the scenery in your house will be a thing of the past. PC actually does stand for Personal Computer. Funny how it took us about 25 years to finally actually make them personal. Start saying goodbye to that desktop now, it only has about 10 years or so to live.

the newspaper
This one really should not come as a shock to anyone. Go out and poll 100 people under the age of 30. Ask them when the last time was they bought a newspaper. In today's world on 24 hour news channels and instant updates the newspaper feels like daily time capsule. By the time you get it, everything is a day old. I know you love the coupons, but you can print those online. I am a big fan of the comics, but thanks to RSS technology you can have the comics delivered to you electronically everyday. The only question is, what will we line bird cages and train puppies on in 2020? Someone get on that right away.

the handshake
It may seem like the dream of a crazy germaphobe, but the handshake is in the autumn of it's life. We are so much more aware today of the spread of germs and disease. And quite frankly, shaking hands is disgusting. Whoever thought of touching hands as a way of greeting each other obviously never took a simple health class. We may start fist bumping, we may adopt the Eastern bow of respect, we may even just click our shoes together. Just remember you heard it here first, the handshake is on the verge of being a social faux-pas. Someday you will say "Did that guy actually just try to touch my hand?..GROSS!...What year does he think this is?"

Anything that you would like to add? What do you think is already gone, or is on it's way out the door by 2020?

I would like to hear from you. I am sure I left something(s) out.

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Comment by Angie Denton on March 28, 2010 at 12:28pm
So true. I joke at work, in my Verizon wireless store, about one day seeing a pay phone in a museum and explaining to our kids and grandkids what is it while getting a crazy look from them like wow....seriously?! LOL
Comment by Mark Brim on January 9, 2010 at 2:02pm
Don't forget lick stamps! Although one could argue that snail mail is out completely...But for those who still mail bills the old fasioned way I'm glad that I don't have to rely on the stick power of my tongue to successfully pay the light bill. I do agree on the VHS, but I'm surprised on how quickly they became hilariously out-dated --I think in the span of about two months in the year 2002....
Comment by K-Magic-J on January 9, 2010 at 12:55pm
holy crap! Maybe you should be a writer!...I agree full heartedly on almost everything! weird...i giggled at the "invasion of martians" paper pic..teehee silly people!
Comment by Spring on January 8, 2010 at 7:54pm
I want to commend you on still owning a Firebird :) That is my husbands favorite car.. he just got one that he is restoring as soon as he gets back It's an '89 GTA. I read an article in a car mag that they are making a new one in 2012 ( I think that is the projected date) anyway let's hope lol
Comment by Jessica Leigh on January 7, 2010 at 5:56pm
nicely put dave...but...about the handshake business. you think touching hands is gross, be thankful they dropped the "kiss" as the favored greeting. can you imagine having to kiss EVERYBODY? that one makes me sick...i'd rather shake hands and go wash, than kiss and have to gargle with a pungent bleach/gasoline tonic!

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