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for all of you that live outside of indiana...i have created something very helpful for your next visit...i call it the "hoosier dictionary"....

MONDEE, TUESDEE, etc... - days of the week
TAR - the rubber thing that makes your car move
ARN - something you use to take wrinkles out of your clothes
TAR ARN - something used to fix the thing that makes your car move
JEWRY - shiny stuff you wear on or around your face
MAR - a place to buy groceries (MARS is also accepted)
EYETALLION - the fancy cuisine the fazoli's serves
THAT ONE EYETALLION PLACE - what you say when you can't pronounce "fazoli's"
COKE - pepsi, mountain dew, sprite, dr. pepper, mr. pibb, lemonade, etc...

did i forget anything?

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