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As some of you may not know Iam Donald Cornell's grand-daughter he was the owner of Cornell's Audio he passed away on Sat.Dec.19,2009 he is sadly missed by all of his loved one's......The reason why Iam writting this is just to give some advice......Even though we don't get along with our loved ones still spend as much time with them as you can cause you don't know what you have lost until they are gone.........My grand-father an I was close there's not one day that goes by that I don't shed a tear for him cause I do I was once told by my mother when I was just a little girl that shedding tears isn't because you are sad it's the memories that you had with a lost love one......I've never forgot what she had told me....There are two more people that I shed tears for every day of my life also an that is my Mother Carol Chance Wed.Oct.26,2005 an my Grandma Ava Cornell June10,2006. They are always in my mind heart an soul.
If you ever see me just taking a walk around Richmond shedding tears it's not because I am Sad it's tears of Memories that I have......So please everyone don't be afraid to shed your tears cause I'm not a shame to..

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