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if you are as big a futurama fan as i am, you already know there is a new futurama dvd in stores now! it's called "into the wild green yonder" and you can hear some of the cast (actually most of the cast) right here, with me, on g1013. the great billy west (the professor, fry, zapp brannigan, zoidberg, and others) will be here to talk all about the new dvd. he will also talk about some of his favorite characters from the past like "ren and stimpy"! then, as if that weren't enough to blow your mind, i will have john dimaggio (bender, and others) right here to talk about the new dvd as well. i have had both of these guys on before, and they are always a blast. so don't miss this great chance to go behind the scenes of one of the best cartoons on television. billy west on wednesday and john dimaggio on thursday. if you miss them, they will both be available
on the download (brought to you by summit computers) so you can listen anytime you want.

i don't know about you....but i'm pretty excited!

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Comment by Sinner Saint on May 11, 2009 at 10:09am
I found this movie in the used bin at hastings for 8.99!!!!! SCORE!!

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