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we are very quickly becoming a nation of extremes. the school system made these changes with little regard to the cost of such change. if one looks closely you will see that throughout history the rise of communism, marxism, and fascism started in much the same way. at first the changes are small and seem to be minor, don't be fooled they are always followed with incrementally larger change. we have much bigger problems than the dress codes in our school system. we have been labled as a drop-out machine of sorts. we have high school students that count on their fingers to do simple math equasions (big red flag). history, social studies, and science have been taking a back seat in education, not to mention reading. most of our students aren't prepared for the jobs that aren't out there anyway. the school system as a whole has become an embarrassment. they send work home for the parents to teach; i thought that they were hired to teach, not deligate teaching??? for the life of me, i can't understand why they have strayed away from what works in education. when i was in school it was very rare that my parents had to help me, i had all i needed that day when i left class to do my homework, and i went to Hibberd during the years of racial upheaval, a very challenging time in my education to say the least. school board members should take a long and educational look back and acknowledge those practices that worked so well back then. a strange thing seems to happen when those who chair seats of power don't have checks and ballances that govern their power in place, it has many names but the meaning and outcome is very similar- Ex: fascism, marxism and communism come to mind quickly. doesn't the school board get it? changing your clothes doesn't make you smarter. and a dress on a pig is still-a pig in a dress. board members pay close attention, education starts in the mind and teaching techniques, and not i repeat, not in the clothes worn by the students. as a child i was one in a family of six. although my clothes were always clean, they were also sometimes a little worn, some with holes in the knees. this didn't effect my education in the least, in fact it in some ways it drove my to do better to get out of poverty. all of you need an extreme coarse in reality. if their clothes aren't vulgar, too revealing, or racist, they should be allowed. i believe that this is a form of distracting the public from the real issue; giving our children a quality education!!!

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Comment by Charlie Flint on September 20, 2020 at 8:37pm

I have never understood the meaning of the dress code, it does not make children equal, all the same, everyone has a different financial situation, and this is noticeable at school. I stand for comfortable clothing at school. I even wrote several essays about uniforms and their need with help of services that I found on the best essay writing service reviews.

Comment by Jessica Leigh on August 20, 2009 at 1:43pm
amen brotha!!!!

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