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I have 6 children. 3 are grown and out of school and 3 are under 9. Basically the school board got their way and we have uniforms. We can pick the color but they are uniforms. As I searched for clothes for my 7 and 9 year olds, the appropriate attire is listed under uniforms on and There was nothing left in little boys clothes at Wal-mart and precious little in girls. In todays in economy I am finding it tough to completely re-wardobe the 2 children I have in elementary school. I think we have lost our focus.

I understand the need for a change and appreciate it but they went too far. Nobody is concerned with learning. Kids are being sent home for the slightest infractions. Everyone is checking out clothes and if they are under code. My kids love school and I admit I am going to be pretty mad if they get sent home for something petty. No stripes, no embroidery, no prints or flowers. Solid color shirts and plain pants. Think about it. Our kids are in uniforms it just doesn't say that in the dress code.

I think we need a revised "revised dress code" Kids ar ok in stripes and flowers and multiple colors. As long as the have no words on them and the clothes fit properly what's the problem. At this point I am wondering if the school board has their priorities straight. Isn't the focus supposed to be on keeping our kids in school, being educated. Seems we have lost that in this mess over what we are wearing.

Concerned Mom
Traci Miller

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Comment by Tonya on August 20, 2009 at 10:21am
I agree there needs to be a consistent dress code, meaning no baggie pants, no revealing tops, etc. However, going to this extreme is not helping anyone. Unfortunately, Richmond Community Schools does not have a great reputation in the academic area so their focus should be on educating our children, not being the fashion police. Sending children home due to non-compliance is going to eventually raise the drop out rates. Kids will start rebelling and wearing inappropriate clothing just to get sent home. How is this helping their education? If the school is going to incorporate a dress code that is this strict then they should have made it a school uniform. I am all about individuality but it is impossible to purchase clothing that is "legal" to wear at school. I heard a rumor (don't know if its true) but parents had sued another school districts school board and eventually that school board listened. I suggest we vote in a different school who cares about our children's education and not about the logo found on a shirt.

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