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25 things about Mandi...Mandisms if you will...

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1. my high school best friend and I lost our moms our senior year.
2.I will be doing national voicework, so be listening for me, it could be me on the next kleenex tv commercial!
3. my grandpa was a self made millionaire with Bud Alexander's Cafeteria and I'm super proud!
4. I had perfect attendance in high school(except three days for my mom's passing)
5. I sleep with heat on my lower back
6. I secretly would love to be on Broadway, playing glenda the good witch in Wicked
7. I can't stand it when people say "I seen", have would love to help, :)
8. I love to put change in the charity containers at cash registers...
9. my car has to be vaccumed all the time but my bedroom can look like a pile of clothes...
10. Ice cream is my favorite, I eat it almost every day(vanilla) but butter pecan is my fave
11. I lost 81 pounds(yes, a small child name bob, lol) on Weight Watchers, ya where's my endorsement deal, it'll happen! ;)
12.I value my friendships which in turn makes me a very good friend.
13. I LOVE to give gifts. I'm a great gift giver as a result, better be nice to me,lol
14. I've got great work ethic, at Ball State I worked 60 hours at two jobs finals week and scored all a's and b's.
15. I've always been loud and in 4th grade I was picked to be a fill in to read parts in a production and they took the mic away.
16. I love yoga...who knew one can bend that
17. I studied in Mexico for 7 weekes in college and got drunk for the first time,yep in a foreign country...I remember thinking "do all American boys kiss you on the cheek when you're drunk in the U.S. too?" lol
18.In 3rd grade I cheated on a spelling test with the word "because" because I apparently didn't study hard enough lol.
19. My "friends" in 6th grade fired me as friends because I wasn't cool enough to be friends with in junior high. I was chubby.
20. I was 1st in drama duo at speech regionals! there were only 7 in the state!
21. my heart melts for cute boys with dark hair and blue eyes!
22. I did a missions trip to Mexico when I was in h.s. with my church, we helped build churches.
23. birthdays are very important to me, hint, mine is 2-22, lol.
24. I got 3 speeding tickets in two month while in college. oops.
25. I love makeup so much, I may be a professional makeup artist for Mac, ya never know!

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