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The G101-3 Morning Show #1TankTrip: Milwaukee

Quick! I say Milwaukee and you say...? Beer? Good one! But just because a city is known for beer doesn't mean that's all there is. You can't take a family to a beer town right? Well you can if it's Milwaukee! This year, G101-3 Morning Show host Rick Duncan and his family took in the sights, sounds and suds of Milwaukee, WI with the 2017 G101-3 Morning Show #1TankTrip!

When you think about taking a family vacation without breaking the bank there are few places offer more to do in a shorter distance than Milwaukee. After all, the goal of the #1TankTrip is to go somewhere with a tank of gas. Plus with 2 kids (Riley 14 & Cole 11) in tow, family fun is of utmost importance. And Milwaukee delivered! We had a blast! One of the best parts is that there is so much to do within walking distance of downtown. And right in the middle of it all is the Hilton Milwaukee City Center with access to food, shopping and more within a brief walk.

The Harley Davidson Museum

Who doesn't love a Harley? Even if you aren't a motorcycle aficionado you'll find yourself fascinated with the Harley Davidson Museum. You'll see not only the evolution of the motorcycles themselves, but also famous bike from movies like Captain America, Terminator 2 and more. Plus Harley's owned by Elvis, Evil Kenevil and LOTS more! Look, touch, even take some for a spin. It'll definitely get your motor running!

The Safe House

If you love James Bond, Flint or even Austin Powers, you're going to go crazy for The Safe House! It's a super secret, spy-themed restaurant. With no front entrance, you'll find the door in an alleyway with a sign marked International Exports LTD. Once inside you must know the password to gain entry! must know the password or be willing to do the Chicken Dance or some other form of mild humiliation. It's all in fun. A secret entrance opens and you're in like Flint! Not only is the food amazing (I recommend The Provocateur burger and Fried C4 Cheese Curds), but the decor is like nothing else. You'll see everything from an actual piece of the Berlin Wall to spy movie memorabilia galore! And, ask for the spinning booth. That's what I said...there is a booth that secretly spins and puts you in a secret part of the restaurant! Trust me:  you'll want to accept this mission!


Discovery World

Imagine a place where you can fly a simulator aircraft, touch a stingray, play Les Paul's guitar and experience a VR world. If you can't then let me help:  Discovery World! Located right on the lake, you'll find hours of fascination for kids of all ages. It's crazy how much fun you'll have learning about the world around you. We were there for 4 hours!

But Wait There's More...

Oh yeah! I haven't even gotten to the Sprecher's Brewery kid-friendly tour where you get to sample not only Milwaukee's finest craft beer, but also their craft soda including some of the best root beer you'll have anywhere on Earth! Stop by the Milwaukee County Zoo with the most photogenic animals anywhere in captivity. Really. Every time we started to take a picture they would turn and look right at us. Weird huh? Visit Bounce Milwaukee for some quality inflatable fun with some laser tag, video games and more! And for authentic German food and a soft pretzel larger than your head (for real) you've got to try Mader's. Everyone from President Kennedy to Will Ferrell has!

We did all of that and MORE in our time in Milwaukee and we just scratched the surface! If you're looking for a quick #1TankTrip for the family that you'll all enjoy, it's got to be Milwaukee. #visitMKE

Thanks so much to our friends at Visit Milwaukee for their help with our bustling itinerary and for the lodging.  See you next summer!

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