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The G101-3 Morning Show #OneTankTrip : Cleveland!

Everyone knows that in the summer time, the beach is the ideal place to be. The problem is that usually getting to the beach means an arduous road trip or spending your hard earned money to fly there. What if we told you about a beach with world-class restaurants and top tier attractions for the whole family that’s only a tank of gas away? Crazy right?! Here’s the story of just such a place. G101-3 Morning Show host Rick Duncan’s #OneTankTrip to Cleveland, OH!

Cleveland, OH has taken a bad rap…just ask LeBron James. When I would tell people that I was taking a vacation to Cleveland they would always just look at me. It was like either I was kidding or I hadn’t heard about some inside joke. Well, I have heard it and the joke is on them:  I’m here to tell you that Cleveland is for real! The goal of our #OneTankTrip was to travel somewhere within driving distance that would only take a single tank of gas. Plus, I’ve got kids (Riley 13 & Cole 10) that need entertained. So when my wife and I were talking about beaches, great restaurants, fabulous attractions and more…we went to Cleveland! 

A Christmas Story House

If you’re American and you celebrate Christmas then you have spent time on December 25 watching A Christmas Story. It’s a classic! Most people don’t know that the movie was partially shot in Cleveland and that Ralphie Parker’s house is now a museum. If you love movies (or just this movie) you’ll love the guided tour and your chance to check out the fully restored home and museum. If you go around Christmas prepare for a line around the block!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The house that rock built is in Cleveland. And as a musician and a DJ, it was like rock and roll fantasy camp. With displays from BB King to Elvis to Taylor Swift, everyone will find something to enjoy.

The Great Lakes Science Center

Next door to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the Great Lakes Science Center. To say there’s a lot to see and do doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Between the 340+ hands-on exhibits, the Omnimax theater and the steamship William Mather docked outside, we spent the entire day there! It’s perfect for kids, but also made for grown-up kids too. We had a blast!

Traveling Around Cleveland

One of the best things about Cleveland is that most attractions are within walking distance. To get in the heart of it all I recommend staying at the new Drury Plaza in downtown Cleveland. It was amazing: marble floors, indoor pool, HUGE rooms and close to everything! Nothing makes a #OneTankTrip go farther than not having to drive to everything. Plus we visited the Metroparks Zoo which features an area where you can get up close and personal and feed the giraffes. They also have a brand new tiger enclosure that you have to see to believe. We had a blast! Oh…and if you LOVE ice cream you need to visit Picadilly Artisan Creamery. Your mouth will thank you! 

Cedar Point & The Islands

Just a short drive west to Sandusky, OH is Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world. Wow! With 18 coasters including the brand new Valravn, Cedar Point is a thrill rider’s dream come true! Plus with Soak City Waterpark, the entire family will easily spend a full day. What would a visit to the area be without taking the family on a ferry ride to the islands just off the coast of Sandusky. Whether it’s the touring Kelley’s Island in a golf cart or visiting Perry’s Cave at Put-In-Bay, you’ll want to make a stop at both! 

All in all, it was one of the best family vacations for the money we’ve taken! Visit the islands…the beaches…the attractions…and make it home with fuel to spare with our featured #OneTankTrip to Cleveland!

Big thank you to both Destination Cleveland and Lake Erie Shores & Islands for their fabulous hospitality and help with itinerary and lodging. I don’t know how I could repay them. But then again…the Cavs did win the NBA title when we visited. I’m not going to say we’re a good luck charm, but…


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