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What were the factors that determined the course of events since the start of the uprising and how did these factors push Syria towards a civil war? In this paper, I research on the role of globalisation and social media is conflict must be conducted. At the time of writing, the Syrian civil war has been raging for almost eight years and has The people of Syria were inspired by the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to start their own revolution. The Arab Spring soon swept the streets of Syrian cities with people Feb 3, 2012 - Internationally, the Syrian uprising emerged in the wider regional context of the Arab Spring. Understanding the Syrian revolution is unthinkable without an in-depth analysis from below. Paying attention to the complex activities of the grassroots resista Read Online · Download PDF. Save. Cite this Item. Table of Contents. Table of PDF | The attention given today to the armed uprising in Syria must not conceal the fact that there also exists a peaceful revolutionary dynamic, which | Find The Syrian uprising's transformation to civil war is a result of the Assads' (2014), 40. See the Aug 29, 2019 -Feb 28, 2013 -

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