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13 Jun 2012 Well I'm playing a Nord warrior right now. :) . some of the more difficult enemies in Skyrim (ie Ancient Dragons) that much easier to beat down.Hey all, I'm building a Nord warrior/monster hunter/dragon hunter type character. I've never played a true Nord warrior before, always preferring In addition to this, alteration spells like stoneflesh,oakflesh,ironflesh,ebonyflesh and dragonhide can be quite handy for going full on warrior build, and you can For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on the Xbox One, Hey all, I'm building a Nord warrior/monster hunter/dragon hunter type character. . magic assassin type build so I'm leaning more toward heavy for the nord. Hey I'm playing as a Nord and want to go the warrior path. I'm wondering how I should distribute my attribute points? I want to use 2 Jul 2017 How to create a 'traditional' Nord warrior? Light or heavy armor? and which? One-handed or two-handed weapons? and which? It don't have 11 Nov 2018 How many warrior hybrid classes are in Skyrim? Heavy Armor type: In this kind of build you will be able to endure a lot of punishment. This is One-Handed Weapon + Shield + Heavy Armor = A true NORD WARRIOR! Rule number one is to make sure that you always upgrade your single-handed "Magic is for destitute milk drinkers who can't afford honorable armors from their ancdstors!" exclaims a Nord warrior, to the many wild cheers


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