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Why Do Most Singles Say Dating Is So Difficult

If dating is supposed to be fun, or at its highest level a form of exploration in hopes of forming a relationship, why is it so freaking difficult? This isn’t just a rant from a single woman. Highly respected research organizations are finding the same is true for the majority of all singles of all sexual preferences.

A 2019 Pew Research study found that nearly half of all single adults believe that dating has gotten harder over the past 10 years. Since I’ve been attempting to date in one of the top 5 ranked cities for singles, Austin, Texas, for the last 8 years, I can anecdotally concur.

Lest you think it’s because single people are too picky, the majority of the people surveyed said they are willing to or do date people of other religions and/or ethnicities, and will date people making considerably less or more money than they do.

What they hesitate on, or refuse to do, is dating someone very far away, or who is in deep debt, or who voted for Trump. This again agrees with my own experience. The last one in particular. I’d date someone who lives in another country or is temporarily broke before I’d date a trumpster.

Both men and women report equal difficulties in dating. However, women report more encounters with harassing behavior.

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