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1. "When I took interest in the things she cared about. Can't say I've ever wanted to watch The Bachelorette, but here we are." —Chris A., 24

2. "I recently had a death in my family, and the grieving process was hard. I knew how much I cared about her when she was the only one who I wanted around me during that time." —Aoki V. 26

3. "Every time I've been in love, I just knew it was love. There was no 'aha' moment, I guess it's just something like when you know, you know." —Te A., 42

4. "I'm going to be super cliché here, but it really did just hit me randomly one night when we were watching Netflix. I'm not sure what happened, but it was like, in that moment, I knew that I'd be okay doing anything—literally anything—with that girl by my side. And be completely happy doing it." —Jaron T., 29

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