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Slots are some of the simplest casino games you can play, as you don’t have to pay attention to many features or learn a lot of gameplay functions.

That said, one aspect you should certainly always be aware of is the slot’s payout percentage. The higher the payout percentages are win at slots, the more money you’ll get back in the long run.

So, while you can’t, you should make sure to always play the games with the highest payout rates. Read this page and learn how to consistently find the best options for yourself when playing online slot games.


When talking about online slot payout percentages, many players don’t understand that they’re talking about the house edge at the same time.

Every casino game in the world comes with a specific house edge. It represents the average percentage of all wagers the casino will keep over time.

When you know a slot’s payout percentage, you automatically know the house edge. For example, if an online slot has a payout percentage of 96%, this means that the game has a house edge of 4%.


In gambling jargon, a loose slot is a game that pays out more and at higher percentage rates. Oppositely, a tight slot is set to offer smaller RTP (Return to Player) percentages and pay less frequently.

That said, this is mostly a myth, as online slots are thoroughly tested, so no loose or tight games can slip by, especially if you play at the best casino websites out there.

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