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Is it difficult to implement solar panels on your own? I understand it's a bit expensive but I want to save money on mantling them.

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Yes, it's difficult, I didn't succeed.

Well, I can't give you an exact answer, but if I were you, I would just order the installation from the company. I can advise you a company that recently installed DIY solar for me with the help of which I was able to go camping and my family and I were comfortable. Moreover, the installation does not cost a lot of money, you will save more later.

Solar panels are good if you live in a sunny state. And if you look at the main stream, then it is not so beneficial for the household. Remember Texas this winter? They also thought that green energy was ideal. No, I prefer apartments. This is a more stable option)

Hey! I like living in a private house more. I like the typical development in a small suburb. However, I want to have my own home in a neighborhood LA. It is quite expensive and I cannot afford this option yet. I decided to get money by investing in more affordable housing - Eastern Europe is well placed to do this. I have two projects with finished real estate in a densely populated development. I plan to sell this in three years and provide half the payment for my dream home in LA. When it comes to solar energy, I prefer not to put all my eggs in one basket. Are there solar panels? Excellent! But don't forget to buy a powerful generator for emergencies.

I agree that it's better to work with professionals because as I know, you can easily break them if you do something wrong. Even when I was doing a renovation in my house, I decided to contact specialists to install double hung windows San Francisco and all the other stuff, even though I could do that myself. I just knew that experts will do that quicker and way better.

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