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Hello everybody. I need help securing my computer from hacking and detection. I was told that during the quarantine, the number of hacked accounts and home computers increased, which I am very afraid of. Are there options for how you can hide yourself on the Internet and protect yourself from hacking? I am paranoid and really need advice. Maybe someone knows where to contact the service?

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Hi Alice. Judging by your request, you are looking for a VPN service, or a specialist in setting up a proxy on a computer. And for what specific purposes do you need this, besides protection? It's just that if you need a vpn app for your computer, phone and tablet, then you will turn to Clear VPN with their services. And if it is a router, or a server - definitely call a specialist who will set up paid proxies for you that can protect your network from hacking.

A proxy provides an increased level of privacy by preventing the website from seeing your IP address

Resident proxies have a high degree of trust from websites, portals, and social networks. Their presence makes it possible to avoid general blocking by your home ISP. When used properly, a request from such an address is indistinguishable from a real user's request. High-quality network of resident proxies  has a number of visible advantages: it increases privacy, protection level and safety on the Internet, reduces the probability of getting blacklisted on the site, preserves anonymity.

Do you think vpn will help me feel safer online? To be honest, I'm even already afraid to share some of my thoughts on the Internet or visit some sites.

Certainly. I used VPN long before all the events that have recently begun, but now it is especially true. Good VPN services can be found here I chose ExpressVPN and surf shack, but I think I will choose the second option since they have a 26-month subscription and it is cheaper than ExpressVPN.

To find a proper VPN is always really hard, actually there are several components on which it is necessary to pay attention to





For fast and secure internet with VPN, it is important to choose a VPN server with the best location. Using a VPN is quite simple. Even if you have no experience with VPN, it is not difficult to operate. I used to download a special VPN at vpn download windows, which is a really convenient service, allowing to operate with all the data and to mask location. 

What's the best VPN service for streaming video?

Hi free, for instance I know that Roku streaming devices do not have built-in VPN clients. However, you can still enjoy all the advantages of the VPN service while watching your favorite video. For this purpose, you need to connect your Roku to a VPN-enabled router. That is why you should follow some guide about how To Setup VPN on Roku to make everything according to some instructions. I am pretty sure you will do everything corecctly. Cheers

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