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Popularity and awareness of HGH pills has spread quickly since they were first introduced. This shows the effectiveness of HGH pills, there are thousands of people in just the United States alone who are enjoying the benefits of HGH pills, whether they are using them as a bodybuilding aid or to age gracefully. HGH pills are a safe, affordable and natural way of replacing the HGH you've lost as you've got older and/or to boost levels to get the most out of your workouts. Human growth hormone is responsible for helping your body to produce new body cells, and while this has positive effects on the entire body, the benefits of HGH pills are probably seen the most when it comes to the production of lean muscle mass. By stimulating the production of new muscle cells and repairing damage to muscles HGH pills help bodybuilders bulk up faster and require less resting time between work outs. There is much more to learn about HGH and HGH pills, and there are multiple resources available online so check them out.

While arginine is very important to the body, it is not nearly as well known and recognized by people as say, calcium or vitamin C. Arginine is an amino acid, which is a protein that has been broken down by the body and formed into a new a useable form. Arginine has a wide range of effects, from clearing out toxins from your body, improving blood flow and playing a huge role in the production of other essential nutrients and hormones. Creatine, for example, requires arginine to be produced. Creatine is of course important for building muscle and keeping up energy levels. The most important function of arginine is helping to form HGH, or human growth hormone. HGH tells the body to produce new body cells, for either the purposes of growth or to repair damage to the body. Like arginine on its own, arginine when combined with other amino acids to form HGH also plays a part in the release of other hormones, like IGF-1. Boosting HGH levels with a natural supplement which contains arginine has many, many positive effects from repairing damaged skin, to boosting the immune system and increasing energy.

Whether you know it or not, you are most likely suffering from HGH deficiency. This is because nearly every one over the age of forty is, and the symptoms of this condition are clear to see. HGH deficiency causes wrinkles and poor skin quality, low levels of energy, forgetfulness and a slow rate of metabolism. The only cure for HGH deficiency is hormone replenishment therapy, though it is more of a treatment than a cure. The injections of synthetic hormone may work quickly on a body which is suffering from HGH deficiency, but it is very costly and will have eventual negative side effects, especially if used in the long term. The better option for those looking to treat an HGH deficiency for the long run are secretagogues of HGH. This means something which stimulates your body to produce (or secret) a second substance. If you do not correct HGH deficiency you will eventually end up like pretty much every other elderly person who has become wrinkled and sickly. HGH replacement therapy via supplements can help you age more gracefully by treating HGH deficiency in a natural way.

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