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Zeiss stereo fluorescence microscope manual

Zeiss stereo fluorescence microscope manual

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V8 Stereo Microscope from Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH logo. Manual 8:1 zoom; Seamless integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes equipment with PentaFluar S; Use up to five different fluorescence filters.Apr 4, 2011 manual: B 40-002 e. Date of issue: 12/98.. Issued by: Carl Zeiss. Mikroskopie . FL S (Fluorescence for Stereo microscope) configuration. 3-2. Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V8 modular stereo zoom microscope with manual 8:1 zoom. V12 is a modular stereo microscope with manual 8x zoom. Easily upgrade fluorescence equipment with PentaFluar S. Use up to 5 fluorescence filters. ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V8 – Crisp and Brilliant Images throughout the Whole 8:1 Manual Zoom Range. The noticeably improved threedimensional image perception helps you to prepare and manipulate your samples - especially in developmental biology and quality assurance. Developing such microscopes and imaging systems is a science in itself. At Carl Zeiss we have committed ourselves to this challenge with uncompromising T he Profile: T he Modular System of S tereo- and Zoom Microscopes. ZEISS . Choose between manual and motorized intermediate photo tubes, . With fluorescence stereo microscopy you combine fluorescence contrast with large fields of Fluorescence Contrast. 20 the core of a zoom stereomicroscope and, consequently, has a considerable With the SteREO Discovery, Carl Zeiss has proven all its experience and . This highly stable stand has a manual coaxial coarse/fine. Zeiss Lumar.V12 Stereoscope Manual. Print this page. Capabilities: Brightfield/darkfield transmitted/reflected light; Red and green fluorescence; Digital image performance feature that Carl Zeiss has focused on with the model in the sophisticated stereomicroscope class. Manual and motorized stands with high stability . PentaFluar S is the name of the retrofittable fluorescence equip- ment for Operating Manual SteREO Discovery Stereomicroscope Carl Zeiss. SteREO Discovery. 4. B 46-0138 e 07/07. Knowledge of this manual is required for the operation When using fluorescence excitation, there is the risk of being dazzled. http:


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